Water Bottles. Cool ones.

I am on the hunt for a cool water bottle because I’m taking a trendy workout class and I want some carry- on swag. And to stay hydrated, of course.

My top finds:

1. BKR, a 16 oz. glass water bottle with a non-toxic silicon sleeve. These sleeves come in so many colors you’ll probably google image every single one while your husband watches sports… (for the record, reese witherspoon carries red , jessica alba totes blue).

bkr copy

2. KOR ONE is referred to as a Hydration Vessel, so of course it means trendy business. This gem is another BPA free, attached cap solution. Cool bonus: 1% of sales goes to support nature conservancy. Fancy AND philanthropic.

kor copy

3. The Bamboo Bottle is a total granola’s dream. Choose BPA free plastic or glass and customize with classic top, flip top, or hot liquid top… and voila. Green mean drinking machine. Water, that is.

bamboo copy

But of course I haven’t made up my mind yet…

Just for kicks, look at this lil’ guy:

New Wave Enviro Flip n’ Sip. Something tells me that at a 12 oz capacity, I’d be filling up after every flip n’ sip….

lil copy


I like options…

…so much so that I google every single one.

Welcome to my blog!

 so many options