Grown- up bag in a grown- up world

My frayed, discolored, dog-hair magnet of a bag that I carried for work never bothered me much. It has always been a curious black hole: bobby pins cease to exist, things with caps come out without their caps, and house keys intermittently disappear and reappear. HOWEVER, everything changed one day when I walked into a work meeting and the various bags and totes I noticed around the room reminded me of damn Young Professional Pinterest Board. That day I told my husband I needed an adult bag.

To be clear, I still don’t plan on giving this bag its own seat or compartmentalizing its contents so therefore I cannot, in my right mind, invest in (and properly care for) something like this glorious magical unicorn type bag.

SO! Here are some options I’ve scouted:

1. Michael Kors Kempton Tote is a total YP swag bag. And with nylon and faux leather you can wipe that puppy down when you spill coffee, drop the mascara wand, or find dog drool on it. But, uh, don’t plan on buying the matching wallet unless you hate your money. It costs almost as much as the tote and your husband will ask the sales associate if it is made of gold.


2. Madewell’s Transport Tote is one classy mamajama. Apparently you can monogram it, but unless you are also sporting your Delta Delta Delta insignia I’d recommend you not be that girl.


3. The Cuy Leather Tote is another simple carry- all/ carry- daily bag. Crafted in Argentina with 100% local leather, this bag is sure to be the hippest of all officeland. ALSO- it comes in 8 colors… mmm, options.



2 responses to “Grown- up bag in a grown- up world

  1. Megan Fischer

    Sigh. I want a grown up bag. My bag now is a diaper bag. Depressing lol.

  2. Sarah Tillson

    I’m a fan of Longchamp.I like all of the color and size options. The only problem is that there aren’t any pockets or organizers inside. It might make all of your items feel like they are home again all jumbled together!

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