Fall dresses are confusing

I am going to a wedding in a couple weeks and am trying to decide what to wear. Fall in the midwest is confusing. Sleeves? Sweater? Jacket? Pashmina? Tights? Closed toe/ open toe/ peep toe?

To add to the equation, I’m not a fan of dress repeating. Don’t get me wrong, I will wear the same thing every day if it is laying closest to me on the floor, but nice dresses are a different story. Weddings and special events are some of the rare times that my husband and I BOTH get fancy and are photo-worthy. I can’t be photo-worthy in the same dress every time.

All of this begs the question: to Rent the Runway or buy. This is tricky because some of the RTR dresses are expensive and it is tough to justify spending $100+ just to rent when you buy a dress to keep (and not that one though, they’re not for commoners!).

So here I am on the hunt for a dress that is appropriate for Fall, whatever temperature that is, and one that makes me look bangin’.

1. RTR: Robert Rodriguez Cap Sleeve Mini. This dress is awesome AND it looks just as awesome on a real person. Bonus: when you’re 5’2” ‘Mini’ just means it will fit you.

rtr copyUntitled copy

2.  The Myne Estelle Lace Dress: Straight forward- classy and cute. Enough detail that accessorizing isn’t necessary. Caveat: One of those weird defying gravity bras will be needed.

myne copymyne1 copy

3. I fell in love with the Otis and Maclain Alex Dress the second I saw it… Jury’s out on the belt.

otis copy otis1 copy

4. Free People Lace Dress is ‘a lace and crochet dropwaist dress with raw edge pleated bottom hem’. Need they say more? ahhhhhh.

fp1 copy fp3

5. Otis and Maclain’s Daria Dress is a new spin on LBD. There are so many ways to dress this up or down… so.many.options.

ot copy ot1 copy

What’s YOUR pick?


4 responses to “Fall dresses are confusing

  1. Rosie

    Have you tried http://www.shabbyapple.com/ ? I’ve gotten a couple of dresses there for special occasions, they’ve all been awesome!

  2. Free People Lace Dress. Lace is ALWAYS appropriate. And so romantic for a wedding!

  3. That cap-sleeve mini..stop it. I love it. Could you “look for less the whole thing”? It is adorable!

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