Eye Luggage

With my relentless fall allergies and the occasional weekend football festivities, my under eyes have upgraded from having bags to luggage.


This weekend I was on the hunt for a miracle solution. But first, I needed to get hip to prevention:



late night pizza

Oktoberfest beverages

hormones and crying (these are simultaneous, duh)

side sleeping

stomach sleeping

And of course, all that stuff was in my life this past weekend. So, now onto discovering some pre-packaged magic!


1. Origins GinZing is actually a decent little product. It is a light pink cream that contains caffeine and actually lightens the under eye area when applied. You just need to be careful not to glob it on or you’ll look like the one girl who actually still uses a tanning bed and wears those little bug-eyed goggles, read: weird white under eyes.

ginzenf copy



2. Origins No Puffery is a de-puffing gel. The No Puffery gel leaves a cool tingly sensation which feels awesome, especially when kept in the fridge. However, after use my puffs never quite disappear, they just feel a bit nicer.

nopuff copy 2



3. I have yet to try the Shu Uemura Instant Eye Fatigue Corrector, but they make a good little eyelash curler, so I mostly trust the brand. Bonus: the product description reads, “…[applicator contains a] massaging ball with the Shiatsu methods to make your eyes feel instantly revived.” Um, yes. I wouldn’t hate that.

she umera copy



4. Makeup Alley raves about Shiseido’s Benefiance Eye Mask. It’s on the pricey end, but it claims many more benefits than just de-puffing. Rather than a gel or cream, this product contains concentrated treatment sheets that combat dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. There are a lot of positive reviews on the google about this one, I’m tempted to try it!

shis copy



5. Natural Nancy? You can also try two chamomile tea bags. My neighbor swears by these and her husband likes to ask her if she needs a teabag.

tea copy




*Disclaimer: don’t google image periorbital puffiness.

home copy



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