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12 week ultrasound: we have a skull and brain! And four fingers. Let’s hope that thumb is hiding! ;o)




Optimistic Voices

When thinking of a title for my “Twelve Week” post, my brain dug up the lyrics and tune of the Optimistic Voices in Wizard of Oz. I haven’t come up with anything better in the last five minutes, so I am committed.

“You’re out of the woods/ You’re out of the dark/ You’re out of the night

Step into the sun/ Step into the light”

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.50.26 AM

One week until I am out of the first trimester and into the promised land… so to speak. Sure, I am being a little dramatic. I had it way better than Kate Middleton and didn’t yak my guts out, but the last few months have felt like an exhausted, nauseated, emotional fog. (May the good Lord bless my dear husband). All my good juju cage free eggs are in the 13/14 week basket and I intend to maintain that optimism… at least for this week.

In the last two weeks I have switched doctors, heard little pepperjack’s heartbeat (i swear this baby is made out of pepperjack cheese by now), performed in a Holiday show, and experienced some super sexy bloat.

Fun Facts:

How far along?     Twelve weeks

How big is the baby?     2.1 inches- the size of a plum

Weight gain/loss?     back down. 0 gained.

Maternity clothes?     Nope.

Sleep?  About 8 per night, occasional nap on the weekend.

Memorable moments this week?  Finishing out the Holiday Show. Loved it.

Symptoms?  Bloat, breakouts- the finer things in life.

Food cravings?   All the pepperjack cheese that money can buy.

Food aversions?     Meat.

What I miss?     Nothing this week!

What I’m looking forward to?  We’re taking a train to New York. It’s pretty much like the Polar Express.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.07.14 PM

Double Digits

I can’t believe it has been over six weeks since we found out we could make a baby.

Since then we had our first ultrasound and were blessed with a heartbeat. With the risk of sounding too cliché, I must say, it is truly a miracle. There is a heartbeat in my uterus. That is a thing of Sci-Fi movies and God’s perfect creation. We are thankful.


The last six weeks have been a blur. Not because I have been enveloped in romantic daydreams of the future bundle of joy, but probably because my hormones have been whack and my mood has been as volatile as a sleep deprived toddler.

We have begun to make the rounds of announcements to close friends and family and have just a few more to go. It’s weird though, it still doesn’t feel real to me. Everyone asks such nice questions about the baby and how I envision doing this or that with him or her and I’m all like- I only JUST figured out where my uterus was and what it’s doing, I’ll get to the “baby” part in about 28 weeks.

I am very happy we are pregnant, this was the perfect timing, and am so looking forward to life with a little nugget boss. I just don’t feel much of a connection with the inch long zygote/embryo/fetus creation quite yet. I think that is okay. I think it is okay for me to feel this way.

Fun Facts:

How far along?     Ten weeks

How big is the baby?     1.5 inches- the size of a prune

Weight gain/loss?     About +1.5 lbs.  The first trimester + holidays = trouble.

Maternity clothes?     Nope. I did buy a couple new workout tops, the ones I own are a little too form fitting for the tiny post Halloween/Thanksgiving/ growing child pooch.

Sleep?  About 8-9 hours during the week. A shameful amount more on the weekends.

Memorable moments this week?  Sharing our announcement with some of our family members and close friends. Everyone has been so nice and so encouraging, Mike and I are really lucky to have the people in our life that we do.

Symptoms?  Working out is still a major chore, I am getting winded so easily. Also the moods… my husband is a pure gem.

Food cravings?     Nope.

Food aversions?     Meat.

What I miss?     I would just LOVE a Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

What I’m looking forward to?  This month. I love December. The holiday show opens this weekend, I’ll be out of the first trimester before Christmas, and we will be in New York in three weeks. Perfect.