fourteen and a half

I am 14 weeks and 4 days.

I used to think the week by week count down (up) was unnecessary and a little ridiculous sounding… until I realized no two weeks are the same! It seems like feeling tired, sleeping well, sleeping terribly, being hungry, or hating food seem to change with the passing of each week. I now appreciate the specific progress reports and tales of what lies ahead.


Being pregnant over the holidays is interesting. Being pregnant and not really showing over the holidays is an experience. Workout a little less, eat a little more… a few pounds of holiday cheer creep on. Add that to your already slightly protruding, ever growing stomach and it can be a little unnerving not knowing what’s what. The game is called Is It Dessert Or Baby, either way I should probably reintroduce myself to the gym.

Fun Facts:

How far along?     14.5 weeks

How big is the baby?     3.5-4 inches, about the size of a lemon or small apple

Weight gain/loss?     +2? The scale hasn’t been my thing this week.

Maternity clothes?     No

Sleep?  Started waking up between 2A and 4A, and am up for a while before falling back asleep. Also, last week started the once a night bathroom break. You guys, I LOVE my sleep so I am not a fan.

Memorable moments this week?  Back from a great holiday in New York. Sadly, my grandmother passed but knowing she is in a much better state of being and place brings a lot of peace. It was very nice to see family members I haven’t seen in a long time at the funeral.

Symptoms?  My hair is super dry and breaking off. My skin is a mess. I look so good.

Food cravings?   Cheese.

Food aversions?     Meat.

What I miss?     Drinking. Not drinking over Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is very different (read: major bummer).

What I’m looking forward to?  Cake. My birthday is next week. 😉


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