22/ 5.5

WELL here we are, more than halfway through and it still hasn’t really hit me.

Knock on wood, I haven’t been very sick, no crazy cravings, no bottomless hunger, no bouts of crying… just feeling a bit chubby and needing to remind myself that it’s actually a baby.



Earlier this month we had our mid-way ultrasound and were extremely thankful to find that everything is how it should be at this point and this baby measured a few ounces bigger than average. ::insert nervous laughter here:: I won’t share any photos because babies just look like sea creatures or creepy skeletal aliens at this point. Mike and I got a good view of the face and shuddered. More or less resembles Jack the Pumpkin King.Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 3.44.28 PM

Also, turns out that all the business of baby growing is positioned in such a way that I probably won’t feel it moving around for a few more weeks. Huge relief because people kept asking and I felt like I was not good at being pregnant since I couldn’t feel any movement.


Mike and I took an early ‘babymoon’ to Hawaii last week. We had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed some much needed Vitamin D. I had my fair share of non-alcoholic drinks and didn’t completely hate wearing a bathing suit so all around it was quite a success.



 Fun Facts:

How far along?     Almost twenty-two weeks/ 5.5 months

How big is the baby?      11-13 inches, about a pound.

Weight gain/loss?     + 7

Maternity clothes?    What a pain! Finding reasonable options in materials and fits that flatter versus frump are a needle in a haystack. You want to show the bump so you don’t just look like you’re wearing a tent, but also smooth out the back area, keep your assets looking good, and reign in your giant boobs. Friends, this is a daily struggle.

Sleep?  No complaints! It takes about six pillows to maintain a restful night’s sleep, but it’s working.

Memorable moments this week?  I brought home a head cold from Hawaii. No meds = stuffy nose and crankiness for days.

Symptoms? Same as previous weeks, plus a few more that even I am not bold enough to post online. As always, happy to you all the things if you really want to know.  😉

Food cravings?   Nothing in particular. I might have previously mentioned that I’ve always had cravings in non-pregnant life, so now my choices are just acceptable.

Food aversions?     Fish.

What I miss?    Running. I know that I could run, but thinking of the sports bras it would take makes me already feel like I can’t breathe. So I guess maybe I don’t miss it THAT much.

What I’m looking forward to? Decorating its room like a boss.