Can I Start A Countdown?


HERE we are: third trimester/ twenty-seven weeks/ almost seven months along…

Roughly ninety days to go–

It’s not going particularly slow or fast, it’s just the first time I’ve ever given up my body for reasons that are not strictly for my own benefit.

-Monitor caffeine intake

-No deli meat

-Ensure all soft cheese has been pasteurized. (hello, google)

-No alcohol

-Getting enough proteinfolicacidvitamindironomega3dhaproteincalciumwater?

-Speaking of water, drink plenty, but watch out for BPA in your containers… can be linked to lower IQs in children.

-Nitrates in turkey/pepperoni/bacon/sausage can unwind DNA (WTF)

-Is lack of prenatal iron linked to autism?

-Eat plenty of fish because Omega 3s are gold for brain development and mental focus of babies, but don’t eat plenty of fish because mercury can be toxic.

OR… screw it all and secretly hope you don’t ruin your kid’s health or future ACT scores.


KNOCK on all the wood, I’ve nearly made it to seven months and have remained relatively unscathed because stretch marks, increased skin pigmentation, facial swelling, hemorrhoids are all normal things that I have fortunately not experienced.

HOWEVER, I am writing the book on ‘hormone induced OCD’ and ‘how to be frustrated by everything’.

Ya win some, ya lose some.


Baby Names? In an effort to preserve our marriage, we have agreed to a ceasefire. This subject will remain closed until this baby pops and the hospital forces us to pick a name in order to go home.


Fun Facts:

How far along?   27 Weeks

How big is the baby?      ~2 pounds / ~15 inches long

Weight gain/loss?     + 10

Maternity clothes?    The struggle continues. PTL for the belly band, still stuffing myself into regular pants… when I have to wear pants. Fortunately, most of my tops still work. I have invested in some long maternity tank tops and those have saved many an outfit meltdown.

Sleep?  Luckily I have not needed 100 hours of sleep a night for the last few weeks. With enough pillows I am able to get by quite peacefully.

Memorable moments this week? We painted the baby’s room! Still need to paint a crib and dresser and buy all the rest of everything, but new paint on the walls is a win.

Symptoms? Oh hey heartburn. However, I’m down to consume bottles of tums if this kid comes out with a full head of hair. Also, flossing and brushing like a boss because pregnancy gingivitis is true life. Sexy.

Food cravings?   Nothing particular.

Food aversions?     Still fish. What I miss?    Not having giant boobs.

What I’m looking forward to? Warmer weather so we all can stop hibernating and hang out.


2 responses to “Can I Start A Countdown?

  1. Ask your Dr.!!!!! about taking papaya enzyyme tablets for digestive system. I like better than tums.

  2. Instead of tums try eating celery or have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. it really works!

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